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CRANE Definition:

Crane is a heavy equipment has the main function of lifting and transporting loads. CRANE is found mainly in the construction industry but also in all industries that require light load handling to very heavy, such as loading bays.


Differences between CRANES and LIFTS ?

There is some confusion between CRANES and LIFTS due to the use of both types of heavy equipment in the same task: Upload Lift! The main difference between CRANES and LIFTS is the lifting method: the lift handles a load from the bottom with a fork or platform; the crane lifts a load from the top using the cable and hook system. CRANES are often smaller and less moving than elevators, but can handle heavy loads at high altitudes.


CRANE is often highly specialized equipment and therefore cannot easily be categorized into some class systems.
However we can identify two main sets of cranes: mobile cranes and stationary cranes.



Mobile cranes are mounted on wheels, reptiles or trucks. These cranes provide a strong, articulated or fixed beam, with cables and a fastening system. Among the most popular cranes are the terrain crane, the crawler crane, and the crane mounted on the truck.


Fixed jacks are temporary or permanent lifting structures. Examples: Tower Crane, Crane Crane and Crane.


Among the most popular markets are Tadanu, Kato, Manitowoc, Link-Bilt, Copilco, American, Demag, Grove, Terex, P & H, Manitix, Putin, Libre and Hitachi.

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